• Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger

    Heat Exchanger Design acc ASME with PVelite
  • Local loads

    Local loads

    Local loads are calculated with use of NozzlePro
  • Destillation Column

    Destillation Column

    Rigging of Destillation Column
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  • 2
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WKconflex BV

WKconflex BV is your partner for performing strength calculations for PIPING and STATIC EQUIPMENT according various design codes (PED, ASME, RToD, PD5500, AD2000, EN13445, EN13480, TEMA, etc).

We offer our clients know-how combined with outstanding service, flexibility and short delivery terms.

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For the following services , please refer to our sister companies:

AKconflex BV AKconflex BV
Pipestress- and Vesselengineering
Mark Rombouts: 06-24 21 06 31
WKTservice BV WKTservice BV
Chemelot Site Services
Mark Rombouts: 06 – 24 21 06 31